Anonymous asked:

You don't deserve any of the shot you get, stay strong! <3

Damaged Souls Answer:

Merci beaucoup(:

midiotcollins asked:

My tumblr inbox is the BIGGEST asshat ever! Gah, it's Morgan by the way I changed my url. How are YOU?!!

Damaged Souls Answer:

Morgannnnnn!! How’s your summer been? I miss you like crazzzyyyy. I am pretty sure that we will at least have homeroom together because of our last names, so what’s your schedule? I hope we have more classes together! I love you so much and miss you probably way more than I should! Get a phone ASAP(:

We’re a family on tumblr, right?

Yeah, so brothers and sisters, you should give me your netflix account information because we’re related. 

Anonymous asked:

You are so perfect I can't even put it into words, stay amazing!

Damaged Souls Answer:

Awhh. This made my day. Thank you so much for existing!

Do you ever feel like your body has given up before your mind?

Like your dead,

But still alive?